Working with Česká Zbrojovka while studying means knowing where you want to go and what you want to achieve in your career.

What will you gain by working with Česká zbrojovka?

  • You get a glimpse behind the closely guarded curtain of a traditional Czech arms manufacturer
  • You can get financial support for your studies
  • You get help and consultation in the preparation of your bachelor, diploma, and other theses
  • You can complete an internship focused on your field of study

What conditions should you meet?

  • Attending high school or university
  • Know what you want in your career
  • Have the drive to achieve results
  • Have an excellent academic record
  • Dare to step out of your comfort zone
  • Have ambition and the drive to fulfil it

“Students are an irreplaceable source of innovative solutions for Česká zbrojovka and a preview of the young generation we will employ.”

Vaculíková Vladimíra
HR supervisor

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Students and graduates

There are no vacancies for Students and graduates

Vaculíková Vladimíra
HR supervisor